Anxiety-Prone Home Inspections

Staying in anticipation of Home Inspections stimulates anxieties. That is normal and a part of life. But what have you to worry about if you have taken the measures to make your home absolutely spick and span and get everything working well? In this article, I cite examples from real life where I had to go through great home inspections.

First of all, I remember when I was overseas, right before I had been conferred upon the degree in the graduation ceremony, I was working hard every day to clean my dorm room and the attached bathroom part by part. A few days before leaving my dorm, I was talking with the caretaker, and he said, “Come in inside your room. I will show you what to clean.” I was baffled but the consequences were lovely. He looked at the window and then the walls, shelves, table and the floor but he didn’t find dirt anywhere. It made me smile because I had been cleaning my room part by part all along. “OK”, he said, “Everything seems alright. Just make sure the bathroom is clean as well.” Then he stalked out. I was supposed to get caution money for my room and the day before I was leaving, the caretaker was supposed to hand it over to me after the cleaning inspection of my room. But instead he called me downstairs to his office, asking me to sign a form and then handing me over the caution money. And then I was free! I said to myself, Wow, my room doesn’t have to go through the inspection after all because he had already seen the status of my room a few days back! Lucky break!

I had to confront another cleaning inspection overseas in another country. Apartments on the campus were subjected to inspection every six months. Apart from the pressure of studies, I cleaned and cleaned bit by bit until the big day arrived. The inspector arrived on time. Now this was an apartment, covering a bigger area than the dorm room with the attached bathroom in the other country, where the cleaning up was easier. So here was the inspector. He examined the carpets, the bathroom, closets, bedroom, living room and finally the tiny kitchen. In the kitchen, he looked inside the refrigerator, drawers and shelves and then the cooking stove. There, I didn’t know the cooking stove’s lid could be lifted up and as he did so, there were tiny grains of cooked meals. Here is what he said, “Of course, the entire apartment is clean and tidy. You cannot fail the test simply because of this. Just clean it up!” It was something I learnt and made sure to have it absolutely immaculate before I left the apartment for good.

Now in my country, people still have to learn about proper cleanliness and management of homes. When owners of an estate rent it out to tenants, the tenants are careless enough to go about damaging everything and not to talk of tidiness during their stay. When the tenants leave, it is the responsibility of the owners to take care of furnishing and decorating and above all, make it all spotless and luminous for new tenants. It is funny but that is the way with our part of the world! Yet, estate owners could make it a part of their agreement policies that tenants keep everything inside their homes working well and clean up to the brim otherwise they would be fined. In fact, owners should make it a point that their tenants leave their homes in the same standard as that when they had first put their foot in.