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Science for Kids

This page is a compilation of lots of interesting sites for students and teachers. Some pages pay attention to age groups (mostly K-2, 3-5,6-8, 9-12), some don't. Consulting the health information pages can in no way substitute for a visit to the health care provider.

Science & Health Information for Kids

Health links

  • Healthfinder. gov - Kids Sites from the Dept. of Health and Human Services and other agencies (FEMA, EPA, , FDA, USDA, NIEHS (NIH) or the White House),with games, crossword puzzles, explorer sites & movies.
  • KidsHealth / HOW THE BODY WORKS - movies quizzes and more from the Nemours Foundation with lots of informtation from Dealing with feelings to the Health problems of Grown-Ups.
  • Kidshealth For Teens - teens can use this site to find information on eating disorders, healthy snacks, moods, feelings and a question and answer format dealing with sexuality.
  • NIEHS Kid's pages - a wealth of information told in stories, songs, games, humor or as hot topic from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.
  • Mercy Bear's Big Adventures - a teddy bear goes through several routine medical procedures, explaining them in easy to understand terms. This site is beautifully illustrated and excellent for explaining medical procedures to small children.
  • Virtual Children's Hospital for Kids - general medical information and resources for kids and families.

Science links


  • KidsClick! - websearches for Kid's by librarians covers e.g., Weird & Mysterious, Science & Math, The Arts or Health & Family.
  • KidsSpace - from the internet public library.
  • Kids online resources - with a Science category and much more.
  • CyberSleuth Kids - an Internet Search Guide for the K - 12 student covers how to evaluate web resources as well as good science sites.
  • Sciencenetlinks - with Resources, Tools, & Lessons for K-12 science students and educators, sorted by different educational levels.

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