Adult Nail Biting – Reasons Why You Should Stop Biting Your Fingernails Any Further

Adult nail biting is a strong repetitive behavior that can easily be classified as an obsessive habit such as chronic onychophagia. It is crucial for you to understand that just because you bite your nails on a regular basis that doesn’t mean you have Chronic Onychophagia. It is a fact that some adults have a serious nail biting problem, but not everyone who bites their nails is completely out of control.

Onycophagia is the technical term for nail biting habit, the act of biting the nail or around the cuticle when a person is board or a period of inactivity. The behavior can also show up through period of tension and anxiety, but stress seems to be the major problem for most people. Nevertheless, a person who suffers from Chronic Onycophagia might need some extra help to overcome such condition because it is a form of an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

People who suffer from Chronic Onychophagia often chew their nails to the point that they cause bleeding and bruises. In some cases when they no longer able to bite their fingernails, they turn to their toe nails. It is very important to understand the aggressiveness of a chronic nail biter which half of the time also suffers from OCD.

Should you suspect you have OCD, your next step is to consult your doctor. Although medications alone will not cure OCD, but together, behavioral therapy can play a significant factor. Also, natural stress relieving like B-vitamin inositol works well to relieve the stimulation of nail biting. This vitamin works to enhance serotonin level in the brain, a hormone that helps regulate mood, and makes handling tension easier. When it comes to your regular adult nail biting, method of substitutions and discussions regarding on how to deal with stress and anxiety can help relieve pressure on your subconscious mind, and lessen the stimulating effect on your nervous system.

A sure effective method is keeping and maintaining nice and neat looking nails. Having your nails trimmed and neatly filed will discourage fingernail biting, and keep you away from trying to fix nails imperfection. Also, for an adult having a manicure is helpful too, since among other reason this toughens the nail, and makes gnawing more difficult.

Whatever the problem maybe, OCD, stress or anxiety, should never be an excuse for you to continue with the nail biting behavior. Adult nail biting maybe tough to control, but you can learn to overcome the habit.